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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Beach is the Enemy

Living so close to the beach here in Lima you know what everyone does on Sunday morning? Don't be fooled, they don't go to church! ay ay ay... This week was just a full of stuff, good and bad.

First, we had our world wide training as missionaries. Ill summarize it in 1 sentence. Repent now because the lord is coming. 

Right before the savior was born, all the prophets were preaching hard on the repentance, above anything else they were saying repent, repent! 
Well in the year 2016, how are you going to get people to repent? Easy. Meet up with 75000 missionaries who are teaching all day everyday in the whole world and tell them to do it. I testify that the savior will come.

Teaching wise, it was a hard week. we invited four people to be baptized, all of which accepted. None of which came to church........ We were teaching a recent convert of 6 months who is faithful, she does go to church, reads the bom, everything. I felt something was off for the longest time so we decided to have a lesson without her aunt being present. She explained that she wasn't ready to be baptized, and she told the missionaries but them and their aunt insisted that she was, so she did it. She is more converted than she realizes and she does know the church is true, and we had a great lesson of how she can get her own testimony, but it broke my heart.

On Sunday she came to church and explained to us that she has to move...Out of the BLUE. She leaves on Wednesday, moving to another mission. When people move it isnt that big of a deal, you can still talk to them, call them, and always see how their doing it.... When someone moves and your a missionary, You are never going to speak, see, or hear from that person again in your life. Its sometimes just a hard thing to wrap your mind around.

The lord test our faith, and the faith of others. Thats the whole point of gaining trust in him. Everything has a purpose, miracles haven't stopped and never will. But fetch sometimes its hard. Nonetheless hay chamba, y cuando hay chamba, Tiene que chambiar porque no siempre hay chamba, punto. 

The church is true! Amen!

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