Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Lovvee the Temple

Today we went to the temple. Last week was great with 14 lessons with investigators. everything continues to look up. This week we have interviews, and the training for the missionaries in all the world.

I went on a division with Elder Wallace yesterday, after 17 months our dream came true, and the spirit testified as we invited a new investigator named Miracle to be baptized. We taught with so much authority she didn't have one doubt. and she has a 8 year old daughter. She basically asked to be baptized. I love prepared people. 

We also finally contacted a reference from the internet. her name is freya. She too accepted the book of Mormon and the restoration so nicely. She is just a miracle basically. The member who sent the reference came to church with her this Sunday. From the first time I walked into her house and saw she was watching "Friends" I knew things would just go good. haha

Yadhira went to church in Florida, with her mom and dad. This little girl is the light of her whole family. I hope we continue to teach her sister. 

After everything, nothing beats the temple. I was sitting in that celestial room without a doubt in the world. The future is as bright as your faith. That is true pure doctrine from a living prophet. If you need some guidance, go there. Because it is the house of the lord.

Another week, another soul.
Read the Book of Mormon, and pray always!

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