Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hey Chamba, Punto

We had transfers, and I got my favorite missionary in this mission. Elder Aguirre is from Colombia, I lived with him in my last area, now we are companions. I LOVE IT.

A month and a half ago I came to San Borja, first two weeks taught 2 lessons with Investigatores. This week we had 12 lessons with investigatores. BOOM. Give us two months and tell me we won´t find people to teach, and baptize. Yadira is 13 and she is going into the water this saturday. she is awesome. If I had the testimony and bravely she has when I was 13. I would have lived a lot better life as a teenager. Getting to know her and the Rodriguez family has been awesome. God hears prayers and I am lucky enough to be here after 1 year she has been waiting to be baptize.

We also found Sandra, she has a baptism date. The woman has straight faith! 29 years old with a 5 year old son. We taught her 2 times, she accepted a date, and went to church. The best part, it was Testimony meeting, during the meeting she leaned over and asked, ¨Who is Joseph Smith, Your family??¨ haha I LOVE teaching the gospel!  Marcela asked me to teach the word of wisdom in English so her husband would stop drinking so much coffe. So there ya go!

Something funny.
New years day, I got on a bus, and hit my head, hard. (That is pretty common) a old man next to me laughed and said, ¨happy new year man, I think 2017 will be better for ya. Don´t worry about 2016¨. I couldn´t help buy laugh.

I would love to send pictures but this computer is jacked.
Just know my colombian companion is dark, handsome and we get along great. Then we get teaching and the spirit comes crashing through the wall like the Kool Aid man. OH YEAH!

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