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Home! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Little Bit of Everything

This week was great. Christmas in the mission is always a special time to remember why we are here and what we have because of that little baby in the manger. Now that 2015 is over things are going to change. Here are things that are going to change for me.

1st. Our meetings at church will be at 11. So the assitence will go up by atleast 50. Welcome to the dedication of Peru. haha but we are going hard on the Sacrament and what it means.

2. The transfer ends today and I will probably be getting a new companion

3. We will be baptizing Yadira. Her mom gave her the best Christmas of all as she bore a solemn witness of the Lord at the age of 13 it became very clear that just as strong as she is, Joseph Smith was capable of seeing what he saw. Her date is the 9th, it has been a blessing sent from God to be here in this time.

A month ago I told the lord I would give him everything I have, and I did. and I know he has sent people to us because of that humble prayer. San Borja isn´t closing. It is growing, and will continue to grow. Along with Chose people such as Yadira the lord has sent us people who have absolutly destroyed their lives and are looking for anything to fix it. I have learned to completly rely on the spirit as these people having poured out their heart to us, with problems more serious than anything I have heard in my life.

At the end of the year my favorite talk of all time by Elder Holland comes to mind.
¨Remember Lots Wife¨ If you have time, read it, and as we go into 2016 we must not look back, no matter how great or how bad it was. It was the only year I was a missionary for 365 days. It is a year that changed my life, It has been the best year of my life to this point, but it will not stand to be the best as I continue to grow and live the covenants I have with the lord. The same goes for you.

Have a Merry New Year,
Stay out of Jail.
I love you all.

Peace and Love,
Elder Smith

1. 8 sisters, my son, and me. The best district in the world
2. The Torres Family. The are awesome
3. The fanciest Christmas dinner I have ate
4. Causa and Turkey! yummm
5. the Family Maldonado are great
6. Christmas Morning!
7. We made a lot of Pancakes and Syrup. 
8. We love Christmas
9. The best Christmas gift of all!


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