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Monday, December 7, 2015

Y Tu Me oiste

So there we were, 2pm in the afternoon. Starting the day after lunch and saw a couple walking towards us. I said to my companion, "Hey contact them they will be the next converts being sealed in the temple" (He has a fear of stopping people) He didnt contact them and they walked by.

 I began playfully chew him out. "Listen God is not going to just send the family we need like a shooting star and land right in front of our face..." Before I could even finish my sentence, I heard someone yell out "Hey do you guys speak English??" I looked over and was shocked to see this hick! long hair, hat, and boots on. My companion just looked at me and smiled, while my jaw fell wide open.

Gary is his name. (He is SO white!) Just got married, to a peruvian, Marcela. He is a member, returned missionary. Very, very inactive. She is not a member. She has 3 kids with another man. We are going to focus a lot more on her, she is very interested, they came to church. I taught the gospel principals class about the spirit world and her questions were awesome. I also transladed everything for Gary so he wasnt as lost as I was my first time at church in Peru. 

That, along with three other people honestly just came into the area like a shooting star. I asked my companion, Why do you think we have been blessed with these people? He kinda looked at me and shrugged, I laughed and said, "It is because we prayed, with faith, did our part, and god did his" 

I know that is true. I know he hears our prayers. Every night I thanked him for the people we have found, constantly saying, "Tu me OĆ­ste" "Thou has heard me" I know he will do the same for you. I know Christ lives and he will not slow down his work. I am blessed to be apart of it.

Anything else?
Yeah something funny. 
I ate a mango the size of my forehead this week. (That is a pretty big mango)
I met a peruvian general who is friends with President George Bush.
I ate stuffing at a members house who was a personal chef for 35 years.

I am not even crying. (=

1. When you have a district with pure sisters, for p day. You play Tennis
2. It actually wasnt too bad.
3. We made Christmas Cards for the pensionistas
4. Ours was the best
5. I know everyone says their mission president will be a seventy, but I am convince that President Boswell actually will. He has our mission LOCKED. If you want to enter into a great tranquilo mission. Come to Lima East. Not to be confused with Lima Central
6. Our zone. Or the Relief Society. Whichever one works
7. Birthday Boy
8. Pizza showed up on our table again.
9. So much time!

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