Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I dont cross the line, just dance upon it

This week was the first week since I've been here in San Borja we at least taught one lesson everyday! Por Fin! I swear I will never have another day without lessons. I'm not in Europe, there's no time for that!

Marcela is doing great, they came to the primary program with her son, Fabrisio. At first he didn't want to go, but then we started to talk to him, and he showed us his Halo accion figure he got in the states. After that we become best friends, I asked, "Do you know what the spartans name is?" He answered, No, But I want to know! So I told him, and he came to the primary program, next week he's next with the baptism date! So I guess playing Halo for 5 years of my life wasn't a complete waste ;)

We were contacting, and knocked on a door, a not so friendly man answered. and started to yell at us, he stated he was part of a religion (Of which I won't say out of respect) and I asked, We would like to share a message with you, bien tranquilo. 

He said, "Tell me what subject and only use the bible and you can come back, don't even pull out your trash you call the book of mormon" So that got me a little big on edge... his religion, they believe Jehova is God, and Jesus Christ is well, Jesus. Knowing that I smiled and said, "We would like to talk to you about how Jesus Christ is Jehova"... Haha that's when the man about exploded on me. He demanded I pulled out my bible on his doorstep and show him where it says that. I wasn't about to waste my time without getting a lesson out of it, so I told him, "Let's go in and start with a prayer" He shouted, again and said, "Show me right now!" I politely told him that me showing him the scriptures wouldn't change his mind, he has to feel the answer, not hear it. 

If you are at all curious why we believe Jehova is Jesus please go read these scriptures Isaiah 44:6 with Revelation 1:8. If that doesn't settle it John 8:56-58 with Isaiah 58:13-14 with Mark 2:28. Then ask god. He will let you know. It is sad that man didn't want to learn. Don't cross the line, but you should dance on it ;)

Anything else? Don't think so. Elder Wallace is our new zone leader, so we will pass Christmas together, again! :) And that's it. 

1. Her name is Wanda, she is peruvian. Should I bring her home?
2. The primary program was awesome
3. And again
4. I told Gary if he wants to get a job he has to cut his hair, he laughed and told me no. But we'll see :) Fabrisio and Marcela.
5. I have waited my whole mission to buy this!
6. Is it for sale in the US??
7. San Borja takes pride in being pridefull! haha. "Mi Orgullo" means My Pride
8. They are refering to this park


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