Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The power is in them

This week, has been slow. This is the slowest area I've been in my whole mission. here it isn't doorms slammed in your face, it's more ringing a intercom, someone answering, saying they don't live here, they are just cleaning, then hang up. or in other words, only the maids are home. So there's that!

The members here are great though, just not really focused on missionary work, because well. They think it is impossible. But what they don't understand, what sometimes I don't understand is that the power is in us!

There are no secrets, there are no people who can do it better. If we are obedient and tell god, if we have the faith to ask him to do something in return for all of our dilligence and work, it will happen.

That is what we are looking to find this next week. Because we got some devestating news last night... My zone leader called, and said, "Well Elder Smith, if you and Elder Chavez don't get San Borja up and going, the area is going to close. And can you imagine what will happen if there aren't missionaries in the ward?"

His words brought me to my knees, and I told god. In the remaning 4 weeks, I will give him all that I have, more than I have ever done or worked, and I asked if he would bless our area more than he ever has.

It don't feel like it's testing god, but trusting in him.
So Elder Chavez and I have a lot of work to do. You can't just promise our heavenly father something like that and just keep doing the same stuff.

So next week, Something will have happened. and by Christmas, miracles will be flooding. Because the power is in us

Have a great week!
Do good things.
And don't forget to pray

Fotos. Por fin.

1. Elder Chavez's first service.
2. We don't have a pension for dinner, so pizza hut ends up coming to our room, somehow.... I don't know how ;)
3. Or hamburgers for 5 soles..
4. Giant parks here in San Borja
5. Typicall corner
6. City Life... One of Limas busiest streets are in our area.
7. Where we live
8. Why build a building and put a weird cartoon on it??
9. Our home


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