Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Holy Patricia!

I got transfered. And it was a big one. Im in culture shock all over again. Santa patricia, or santa pituca, because it is the richest zone in our mission. Richer than any place I have every lived. If you arent driving a mercedes or audi, then you dont belong here. I never thought there would be a place like it in Lima Peru

My new companion is from Hondores. Elder Chavez. He is a great new missionary. before the mission he worked for starbucks, importorting coffe seeds. we are having an exelent time. I am enjoying the new area, I can breath! and there is not dogs chasing us everywhere. It will be a great place to be in during Christmas.

God, answers prayers. Just not how we think. Last transfer I was tired of trying to work in a ward who didnt want to.. I prayed that god would send me a solid ward. And he did. San Borja is great! But.... haha, always a but. Missionary work is not doing so hot at all. God answers our prayers so that we will grow, not just so we get what we want. 

So all can do is go up from here! Yesterday I was talking to a member who lives in Utah, he was asking how I felt in the differences here and there, and I realized, I love it here, and I have no desire to go home. There is nothing better to do than serve a mission. 

And lastly, we were eating with another family, every house I walk in I instantly start looking around their house to know what I can talk about, and cant. The first things I saw was two bikes, one with training wheels, other was for a baby. both pink and purple. Solid ice breaker. The first thing I asked the mom, "You have daughters? With a sad voice, she responded, I had daughters, now I have one. I changed the conversation, we ate dinner, then opened the scriptures.. The faith of the younge parents was incredible as they watched their 13 year old daughter suffer from cancer for 5 years. They never blamed the lord, they instead looked, and cried out for him for answers. And they came. The spirit fled the room and we all ended in tears.

God always answers our prayers, just not how we think. pray to him, dont shut him out. it will change everything in your life.

I will try and get my card reader figured out... NEXT week. haha

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