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Friday, December 25, 2015

¡Navidad en la Mision! ¡¿Donde esta mi Paneton?¡

In the world there are about 400 missions. These missions belong to areas. There are 15 areas in the world. My area includes all of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador. We have the areas to control and watch out for the wards, stakes, and missions. every Area has a main Director. Or the big boss. One of those 15 men in the world, live my area, and I had lunch with him on Sunday. He has been a missionary, Mission President, and Seventy. It was honestly 2 hours of questions of my whole life no one has been able to answer, and arent in the scriptures. Pretty sure it was the best Christmas present I recieved this year. Some of the questions included, "How much do temples cost" "How do we break sealings" "How does the church pay for this and that" It was awesome.

I am in a very very good place to have Christmas. and Elder Chavez is a great companion to be with. We will do great things. I have learned more about what Christmas means this month more than any other time in my lfie. and I also realized that people need Christ at this time. maybe more than any other time.

A miracle happend as a 13 year old girl named Yadria told us that her very very strong adventista mother has given her permission to be baptized after 6 months of her begging. We start the lessons on Wednesday, the girl is awesome. and her support system is solid. Converts for life!

I hope everyone has a good Christmas. I hope you take a minute and think where everything you have came from, and where you have came from in one year. I have never grown as a person any other year of my life. Take a breath. Look at your family and friends, thank god you are where you are. Let his love surround you. Because he wants to.

Anyway, I am going to go eat and a buffet with my mission president and mi con padres. Merry Christmas!

1. Getcha some San Bojra!
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3. Peruvian Llama.
4. Nothing I love more than getting my hands on the Conference Ensign and a hand written letter!

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