Home! :)

Home! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week after Week

Another week down in San Cayetano. It was a pretty normal week. We taught 18 investigadores. But only 4 came to church, trying to focus a little more on getting people to go there. We have one person with a baptism date so we're gonna hit the streets pretty hard this week finding some news.

Today Elder Nunez had an interview with president, after his interview I was getting ready to go and my companion said, president wants to talk to you. I felt like I was in grade school all over again and I just got called to the princapals office. I started to think If I've done anything bad, but I passed. haha we had a good talk, He told me about spiritual dominion and how we need to let our spirit dominate our thoughts and lives. It all starts with awarness. I'm going to be more aware where I need to reject the temptation to give into the needs of a human body. Basically, he told me I need to work harder. So fine I'll do it!

Umm, Halloween was great. I walked around giving little kids candy. Nothing will get 10 kids surrounding you faster than giving away american candy. haha it was awesome. 

Anything else? I'm trying to learn how to rap in Spanish. Haha It's like christain rap that just turns into hymns. We are having a great time. I love it here, I'm happy, healthy, and smiling. What else could you want in life.

I love you all.
Have a great week.
If anyone could email me that'ddd be greatt. ;)

1. Hand made 100% Leather shoes on nice temple grass :)
2. Every 3 months. People get saved 
3. Elder Wilding is my best friend
4. And so is my companion
5. Baptism from last week. hahah
6. This is about as wild as I got for Halloween
7. I made this for my companion, but I messed up! I always mess up :(
8. Oatmeal, Banana and Chocolate. Breakfast in peru :)


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