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Home! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I love baptisms. They just always put you in a good mood. This week we saved another soul. This here in Lima are just exploding! Our mission has less than 200 missionaries, with only 10 zones. it's about 2 hours from one end to the other. Here is what we did last week.

842 lessons with member, 558 others.
More than 400 invitations to be baptized
3572 asked references. (Contacting doesn't exist in lima)
4310 contacts
527 new investigators.
186 with date to be baptized
125 progressing. 

The prophecy that the descendants of Lehi will come to the gospel in the last days is true!
I sure love Peru.

We went to the temple today as a zone, and I love it. I was getting pretty angry with a lot of leaders in my ward and I needed a break, the temple always gives me that break.

I don't know why I try and teach lessons in these emails, but I'm gonna stop. haha I will just end with two stories.

Mary Chipana, her 2 kids were baptized just over a year ago, but she wasn't. She comes to church every now and then, last week she did come, and we taught the gospel principals class, the subject was parents and their responsibilities, Elder Nunez and I knocked it out of the park, after the lesson, Mary asked us to come visit her, so we went. She explained she's ready to be baptized and wants to hear the lessons. Miracle.

I did a division with Elder Cowan, my zone leader. When I first met him he said he went to BYU, and that was it for me, haha so I never tried much to get to know him, I just threw the classic BYU student on his forehead. Well we did our division, and we got to know each other. I realized he was anything but that. Sometimes as missionaries we get in such a bad habit of saying, "Hi, How are you, good? Good. Well I gotta go. Bye" We miss out on getting to know the best people in the world. I'm glad I had that time with him, It was good to remember we're not all just robots.

Anything else?
One more funny one.
I was studying words in Spanish I've never said in my life and I was mad because I couldn't remember "Railroad track" and said, "Man I'm never going to know Spanish like I want" Elder Wilding looks up at me and says, "Listen with the Spanish you know, you can impress any American girl, but if you want to impress a native you're gonna have to do a lot better than that!" I got a good kick out of it haha. 
Where we are are not, will not be enough in the future. We must progress.

Have a great week,
I don't have my camera, but the baptism pictures were sweet. ;)

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