Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Have you ever feared an interview?

Interviews with your mission president I'm pretty sure are the only interviews you will have when you don't have to try and impress them, when they're not looking at trying to see pick you apart word for word. I just got out of interviews with President Boswell, and I loved it. Here's something he left me thinking about, "You don't HAVE to do it, you GET to do it" He reminded me that is the change I have had, and encouraged me to have the look on everything I do, and I pass that onto you. It will be a big change on such a little train of thought.

I got a companion! por fin! His name is Elder Nunez. He is from Peru, and lived most of his life here in Lima, he is a little new man just out of training. He has a lot of great ideas, and we will work well together in this time. I think he corrects my spanish more than any other person in this world. But I told him to do it, so we're doing things!

Flor, the daughter of our Recent convert is getting baptized. She was pretty scared when she had to have an interview with president, which was partly my fault.  oops, haha, but this saturday we're going to the font! :) whoohoo for covenants! She has a four year old son who's life just changed.

Anything else? I'm still digesting conference. are you? If you haven't listened to atleast a 2 talks again, should probably do that :) For all the bad things you see and hear, gotta put more better things in. 

I love you all, have a great week.
Was not planning on having internet today so I didn't even bring my camera. Sorry.

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