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Home! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Do yourself a favor and read this letter

Every General Conference I am more and more convinced that I can be better and better, the thing I love about the 10 hours of pure revelation, is that my eyes are lifted, and I can better see people that are in my life, that I should be like.

As Elder Holland bore a 16 minute testimony of mothers in this world, I want every single person to know that I believe there is nothing that will make a bigger influence in this world, than a mom, because they have had the biggest on mine.

I'm not going to bore you or waste time telling stories that don't matter to anyone but me, but what I am going to say, is that Sharron Smith is a woman called of god. She is stronger than I will ever be. Her along with many others, have changed my life, and I am dropped in the depths of humility and gratitude for her, and for the rest.

If you didn't watch conference, or you did. Active, Inactive, hate the church, or don't know who god is, I ask you to go watch this talk, and be grateful for your mother. Because you all have one! And if yours wasn't that great, well you look at the ones who were. Here's the link ;) 

This week was good, it was the end of the transfer and tomorrow I will recieve a companion. POR FIN. I went to the temple with some converts of the other area, so that was fun. Flor, the daughter of Emilia I'm hoping will get baptized this week, It's a holiday this week so hopefully she can get off work and we can get to the font! If not, next week for sure :) Anything else? I don't think so. Go watch that talk.

Pictures. Thanks to my awesome Sister Maryann I got some sweet pink camera rolling again, but i can't figure out how to sync it, so you'll have to wait just another week :) Watch the talk!

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