Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Maybe I should talk about the people here?

I keep forgetting to talk about the people we are teaching each week... haha does that make me a bad missionary? So we will start with that!

Doris Brown. This lady man, she cares about animals more than humans. When we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation, she asked "Where do dogs go after they die" when we were teaching Repentance she asked, "What if I killed a dog and don't feel like god will forgive me" She's a really sweet lady, and is progressing, Just has a serious thing with animals. haha

Luis Villano. This guy walked into our church one day, and since that I had refered to him as the investigador who fell out of heaven. We have taught him everything and now are in the temple and the BOM, my two favorite things to teach. His date to be baptized is the 15th of August. It was the 2nd but the cracker wanted to get to know more people in the ward, I guess that's my fault because I don't have many lessons with members.

Jon and Mari Lou. another one of those blessings out of heaven. he's a member, she's not. they have a kid, he's nuts! they aren't married, when we asked if they had plans, they were thinking may of next year, our next lesson we told them August would be great. After talking about the proclamation for the family, and temples, the spirit moved them, and they are going to get married, and then baptized. What up?

There ya go. Now you know, now for my companion. He got two teeth pulled this week. Ouch. The nice thing is, he can't talk much, haha yeah. I am a mean companion. We went to the temple! Wowwww. I love the temple. every three months it's just that really deep reliving breath we all need. I don't know where I'm going after the mission, but I atleast know it'll be towards the temple.

Today we are going to Julios house. Julio is the first counlser in the bishopric, he served in New York City, we have a great time together. He's awesome.

Other than that, just workin, I got a SWEET package from my brother. You ever want peruvian kids to be quite you just tell them you if they be quiet you will give them American candy. Hahaha they'll sit down real quick.

This email is long, sorry. Have a great week! Go to the temple! Read the BOM and for heavens sake go to church, the last thing you want is Elder Smith to slap you around about the Saboth day. haha

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