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Home! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What has four eyes but can't see?

This week, Woowwhh. I'll just say it. Before the mission, I had this idea, or this plan, that went something like this, "I'm going to south America! At least 25 baptisms, humble people, and easy week" Haha...hah..ha. This week I have learned my mission is nothing like I had planned, or thought it to be.

Instead it has turned into something, that I didn't see coming. Conversion. As I have been in too many lessons, with too many people crying over failed temple marriage, past mistakes that haunt their future, and doubts that outway their faith. I have came back to the simple phrase, "Continous Progress, through the Continous Atonement" In this area, "Portales" I have learned more than I have than all my other areas combined, and this week, God really told me, that the title "Returned Missionary" doesn't mean anything. 

No one is perfect, and we can all change, we haven't been sent here to fail, but to succeed. my favorite phrase of all time is, "We should never look back" This week was been something else, I'll tell you that. It was also the last week of the transfer, and I think I'll get transfered tomorrow, even though I will leave, I will never forget the things I learned.

The gospel, is the happiness in life. So ya might as well get over something someone told you that doesn't matter! This Sunday, Instead of going and getting investigadores, I noticed the Sacrament wasn't set up, and like the last 4 weeks, I did it, because I've always like doing it. I then had to pass it. After, a 15 year old kid who didn't help prepare or pass, walked up to me and said, "When you pass the sacrament you can't put your arm behind your back like that, It even says so in the Church manual"

I don't know who that kid thought he was, he shouldn't have said it, but it doesn't matter, and neither does anything else any other member has told any of you. The gospel is about your relationship with god. Nothing else.

I know it's true! I am really not happy with my camera, because I still can't upload pictures, that puts me like 40 behind, but I got a package this week! It's good to know I haven't been forgotten. It was simple and 25 cents to send, but I loved it. So go ahead, send me somethin ;)

Have a great week!

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