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Monday, July 6, 2015

Give me your best and shortest defention of Faith

This week was really good. Like usual, I'm not sure what I want to say in this email, but I'm just going to let my fingers type and we will see what they come up with!

We had a Zone meeting this week and talked about studying better to help the people we are teaching. It helped me a lot, because I study, but I can always be better. First! Oh yeah! Funny story. So we were in our zone meeting, and there is always someone who has to do a "practice" where you have a fake inv or less active, and a companionship has to teach them, Elder Del Aguila was asking 40 questions, so we got chosen to do the practice. It wasn't hard, and we did really good together.

After, Elder Hansen (Mckade Hansen, a kid I went to school will) Said to me, "Elder Smith out of all the things I have heard you say, and do, that was by far the best, and in Spanish! One Year ago, I NEVER thought I would witness what I just did) He had a good point. 1 year, a lot can change, and we can do a lot of great things. Day by day, and with faith. Our whole life can change, I know mine has.

Our Family Campos, who are sealed and want to get divorced and progressing! Yesterday we visited them, and this time we wanted to focus on a happy message and  good memories, rather than talk about why they have their problems. We talked about Joseph Smith, and about when they were baptized, She suprised me when she said, "22 years ago Elder Morris and Elder Smith knocked on our door, Elder Smith was in our area for almost a year, and he was the hardest headed person, who helped me be converted, he got transfered 1 month before we were baptized together" Her Elder Smith and me are not related, but it makes me wonder what he said to break through their ice. It also makes me greatful that after 25 years there is another Elder Smith in her house, helping.

This week at church we had a ton on people come, i don't know if It is for our hard work, or lucky but it was awesome! Seeds are getting planted! Although we will end this transfer without a baptism, there are people in this area who are CHOSEN. There are people in each of our lives who are CHOSEN.

You just have to be you, and say what god would want you to say.
Good luck. haha A lot of you have emailed me, and I like those more than these, so if you have a question, go ahead, email me, or send me a letter. Even better!

No my camera is not synching, I'm sorry. Just boring old missionary stuff again, what do you know, Elder Smith is converted.

I love you all, have a great week! and summer, 4th of july doesn't exist in peru :( So I hope you enjoyed it!

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