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Monday, May 18, 2015

Uhh Phil...Phil I don't think we covered this in basic training

Sometimes I have so much to say, I don't know what's best, or how to say it all, without making a huge email that none you of you will read... Haha, but I'll do my best! This week, was a lot better.

Throughout the week, I was asking myself, "Why did I serve a mission" Not doubtingly, but curiously. I've thought about the question before, and I've never really come up with the answer I like. Until this week.

I found myself up at 6 this week to listen to conference talks again, There is so much power in them, I couldn't just never read or listen again. Due to this, I found myself in awe of the gospel, and even more I found myself praying, repenting, and forgiving. 

We had a good week with a good amount of lessons, a missionary from this ward returned after 2 faithful years. We decided we would test his faith, and asked him to come out teaching with us, the second day after he got home. His answer shocked me. "Of course! I've been thinking of...." he went on for about 5 minutes of the things he wants to do and want to help. 

I didn't get truely humbled until last night. We had a lesson with a active family, which was actually plan B. When plan A fell through we called him, and asked, "Where do you live, we've never been to your house" He responded, "It's hard to explain, I'll come get you"... We then waiting for 25 minutes. Me... Being an impatient know it all 19 year old child started to run my mouth. The guy finally showed up, and we went to his house.... Haha, or hiked 20 minutes up straight rock and mountain to his little shed. I was humbled, then as he called his family to come in, 7 kids came and sat, the oldest being 19 and the youngest 14. 

I looked around and thought, "Where's the wife" We started and I.... being a child, asked. He responded, "She passed away four years ago" He used to live in the jungle. Moved her when she died because he couldn't afford it. He's been a FAITHFUL member for his last 8 years. We shared a powerful message, and toward the end he asked, "Can I be sealed to my wife even though she was inactive and not here"........

We really are the bearer of good news. Joy filled his heart as we explained the temple, we ended, and as he was walking us down, I asked, "When was the last time missionaries came to visit you?" He said... 2 years ago. We are going back next Sunday, because he works all day everyday other than the Sabbath

I have decided, after much prayer and listening, growing and listening. I'm serving a mission because I love my Father in Heaven. There is simply, nothing that matters. I know he lives, and I know he is waiting for ALL of us, to come unto him, and be perfected.

1. I like pizza, but this wasn't a dollar a slice.
2. Can you guess what is inside?
3. It suprised me too. haha
4. I shoulda been a workin man.....
5. Haha! Just kidding. Missionary for life.
6. Welcome to the world!
7. Shoutout to all the couples who do this type of picture. (Yes I'm making fun of you) I've been with him for 9 months, haven't talked for 7 of those, but here we are. Close as can be. I sure love my Elder Clyde

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