Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

I know everything that shine, won't always be gold

I don't know have much time this week so I'll keep this simple and to the point!

Tuesday. Interviews. I don't know if I'm the only missionary who loves interviews pretty much more than anything in the mission, but I love them. Sit down with my mission President, holy cow. It's awesome

Wednesday. Temple. Every three months. For the first time EVER I was more edified than confused. It was great.

Sunday. Well I called my momma, and we all know how great that is!

Through the other days of the week, well it was pretty much not great, or good. We didn't teach very many lessons, and the ones we did... Aye aye aye, you know it's FINE. everythings fine. I'm happy, healthy, and a missionary. The gospel is true, and I am so deeply certain there is nothing better on this planet. We have an investigator named Luis, he's a good guy. We're going to throw a date on him here pretty soon. Last lesson we introduced him to the BOM, and if gets reading that, there's no stopping the conversion. haha

Anyway, That's it. Like my subject line said. The missionary  life is gold, but it doens't always shine, that's the real test. Pray pray pray! :)

1. We went bowling last P day, It was really fun
2. There's that heart attack I've missed
3. My dad is going to go home soon :(
4. Our zone at the temple
5. Me and Elder Clyde. Great guy he is.
6. I've really stepped up my breakfast game. 
7. We had a skit for mothers day activity.
8. And it was fun
9. Good pic, right?

Man who am I kidding, this week was AWESOME. :)


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