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Home! :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

I got the gospel in my bag,...and I ain't afraid to share it

Aye, after reading a lot of your emails, A lot of you had rough weeks, that's normal. Especially after conference. We all get this way high hopes, just to return to the world, and see... Wow. Just. Wow.
This week was good. President Boswell came to visit us in our room, we got an answer to what to do with Rosa. Our PRIME investigador who lives in a different mission. we taught a lot of families, because well, for some reason the familys in our ward are struggling! I don't know why, but they are.
This is the last week of the transfer, and just like all the others, I don't have much to say. Everything will change next week. haha when my president was leaving his wife said, "You guys live on one of the nicest streets in the mission" My president added with a big smirk on his face, "Yeah Elder Smith you better enjoy it while it lasts" I responded, "I'll go to the promised land where there isn't any sister missionaries! I ain't scared!" He laughed, shook his finger, and said, "I love you Elder Smith"
Later that day we recieved a text message. I've easily gotten over
20,000 messages, but not one of them made me as happy, as the one I got this Friday. (I'll link the picture)

Have a good week. Listen to the talks to conference again. Pray. Please pray. Read the book of mormon. I'm tellin ya, there's nothing that will change your life for the better like that book.
That's all. Pictures.
1. I can get pizza literally, a dolla a slice.
2. Elder Meik is a great guy
3. Lima, Lima, Lima. Why are you so prideful?
4. One of these days, I'm telling you it'll pay to have been my friend
5. My Presidents wife is so nice. She made us these. (It's the first time I've ate bacon in 8 months)
6. Doubt not.
7. Fear not.
8. One of the best members of the church I know lives in my area, he only has one tie. He's the humblest, nicest, most dedicated member I've seen in peru. I wrote him this note, and am going to give him this tie. I sure do love this tie, I like it a lot, but I think he will enjoy it.
9. She's getting baptized this Saturday. You know where I'll be at 4:30 :

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