Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

We scare, because we care

This week was a pretty short week, with meetings and with soccer we didn't teach much. There are two soccer stadiums near us, the first, like the real salt lake is in our area. The second is right outside our area is the Peru National one, and well it's dangerous. So we end at seven when they play.

On Thursday we had a big meeting with our area seventy. Elder Waddell. It was seven hours, with a 20-minute lunch. I loved it! I learned a lot, but more important, that day I grew to love my president and his wife.

We woke up at 5:30 to be there by eight. President lived further away, and he was interviewing when I got there, so I figure he was up at about 4:30. When we finally had lunch, I noticed President Bosweel walking around, filling drinks, and talking to us. He didn't eat. Elder Waddell talked about how President Bosweel is one of the best Mission Presidents in South America, I believe it, and here's why.

They started their mission in July, now when you're one of the top guys in Sams club, you're living a good life. To leave that behind, for three years, and for hermana Boswell to leave it, not knowing ANY Spanish. Wow. The man reads EVERY email every week. He treats his wife like a queen, he serves his missionaries. and there's about 200 of us. What great examples.

I learned a lot this week; missionary life isn't just about baptisms, and lessons, but also being a becoming a good person. Going the extra mile is most important because you never know who's heart you'll touch, pouring drinks for others. It's not easy, but it's worth it. I now trust my president, with my life. I love and respect him. What a guy, what a life.

I'm very blessed, and uh...protected. haha solid week, learning something every one of them :) Oh! and President went to Mont Harmon, and CEU, Hermana Boswell grew up in Orangeville, so that's cool.

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Quote of the week
"Walk back here and drop me!" Dakin Allred

1. Same School, Same zone in Peru. What up.
2. Awee!
3. We play some mad Uno.
4. This is Kina, she's our guard dog. and she's beautiful
5. Hey lets drink all night, listen to music so loud so no one sleeps, because we don't have anything else to do....Grr...
6. Whoohooo Thanksgiving!
7.  It's really hard to believe 100 days...
8.  I'm sure you can imagine the fury that poured through my vains...
9. When the lights are on, you better get to your room! because if not, you gonna get shot! haha
10. I didn't give the ocean enough credit last week

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