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Monday, November 10, 2014

What Would You Do If...

A lot happened this week. I got a new companion. I got hit by a car. I went through the temple. In Spanish! my whole life changed pretty much. But is not that interesting, So Im going to write about two people who I love, and who are interesting!

The first is a less active member named Carlos. He has lived quite the life. I don{t know what the specifics are because he talks fast, but I do know some things. First. he has blue eyes. that's really rare here. everyone has brown. hes about 35 and has a ex wife who isn't a member, that me and elder allasia actually taught a couple times. he has a 21 year old son. now he has a six month old daughter with his girlfriend rose. Sometime in the middle of all that he went through the temple, so he has the priesthood, and garments. he does our laundry, and almost everyone knows him here. Ive been teaching him since day 2 here. this week Carlos and Rosa had a marriage interview with the bishop. They're planning on next month. They're both active now and theyre my favorite people. In a year. Ill be going to the temple with them! To be sealed! I hope and pray anyway.. haha

The second person is a little harder to talk about, hard because I didn't realize how strong they are, and how important they are to me, my life, and my testimony.

My mom had eleven kids. She has worked full time the whole time she raised us. Because of her six missionaries have preached the gospel, and almost all her daughters are mothers. WOW. Shes done much, much, much, MUCH more than that but to be short... There's a recent convert family and the mom reminds me of my own. her two boys are undoubtedly the best two kids i've meant here. The other day in our lessons with her, she was struggling. She doesn't {t know everything about the gospel, shes stressed, a lot of things. as she explained these things with tears in her eyes. I somehow talked the best spanish I ever have, and told her how much I respect her, how she reminds me of my mom, how my mom endured to the end, and I know she will do the same.

The spirit was a little intense. haha. What Im saying... Go hug your mothers. Remember the sacrifices they've made for us. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what happened to me, new companion, frustration, fury, discourage, because my momma taught me a lot, and what she didn't teach me, my dad did. My family will be together forever, and Im helping others feel the same peace.

Tell me how many people live in ferron and the area it covers.

Quote of the week.
"Hitch your wagon to a star"

1. Our companions are gone, but we still have each other!
2. Im not happy he left...
3. gringos unite! and well... yeah. haha
4. We took our zone leader under our wings. haha
5. Yup
6. Heres my guy. No Im not getting taller, my companions are getting shorter
7. Where else did I take this picture? Yes I know my tie is too short... yes it bugs the crap out of me.
8. Bros.
9. I really do love the temple.

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