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Home! :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

I Know Every Mile, Will Be Worth My While

Hours are turning to days, and days into weeks. I thought I'd have plenty of time to do what I want and need to do here, turns out. It's the exact opposite! I feel like I'm only getting started here in El Provenir. I love it, and I really hope I stay here for a good minute or two.

Like last week i'll sum up myself real quick and talk about people who seriously blow my mind. We were teaching a family on the 4th floor and there was an earthquake. Everything got a good shake, it was weird. And I met the first truly beautiful pervian women here. We were contacting and met her, it was even crazier than the earthquake because I really didn't think they existed here. haha Yes. We are going to teach her.

So last week I talked about Carlos, I learned more! He has six kids, with six different women! So when he went to the temple is a great mystery haha, but wow he has changed. Another crazy less active guy named Jorge. Horhey in English. We've been teaching him and his family for a while with not much progress, A couple weeks ago he said they didn't have much time until January because of work. They make Jeans... Son naturally I thought, "Don't act like ya work all the time!" I was pretty upset about it actually... Haha...That changed.

This week we taught them, he was going hard on his jeans when we got there I wanted to know what he was really doing because this room was FILLED with jeans, so I asked. and with a big grin on his face he explained he worked for levis. I was doubtful and thought they were reps, he then pulled out all the receipts, tags, buttons and a finished pair. All in English. he explained they were all for the US and for Christmas. He is employed by Levi Jeans! That’s why they don't have time, he's making THOUSANDS of jeans. I learned where and how jeans are made, not big factories. haha

People here like so differently than the US and I love it, I love learning, and helping people here. Above all, I love how the gospel helps everyone. Whether you make jeans, or have six kids with six different girls. This gospel is for everyone. It's a perfect church, with imperfect people.

Tell me if Inca Cola is in the U.S.

Quote of the week.
"There are not enough hours in the day to do what I want to do, to touch the lives I want to touch, to bring a smile to those who could use a smile, to give joy to those who deserve joy, to bring peace to those who are without peace, and to have all the fun I want to have."

1. Hey I found Jesus!
2. And the Ocean!
3. My companion too! (He's easy to loose) haha
4. I not only wrote this, but I understood it too. I was proud
5. Hey uhh... I can't help but to notice I've only got 2 letters... If that could change, that'd be greattt
6. I did it okay! Satan talked me straight into it! haha.
7. Nothing like cheap good candy

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