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Home! :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

You are my Sunshine

Before I tell you about this week, first. Again gotta say some things! 1. If I don’t email you back every week. I am really sorry. I don’t type fast enough... 2. If you want to send me something, the Church hires a woman to go to and from Utah and Peru once a month, or twice with packages, she takes them to the office, and then they come to me. From what I know it’s cheaper, and faster, and safer, but that’s all I know. Here’s her name Vanessa Conteras Peru Packages. Type that into Google, and make sure you put Peru packages. 3. I attached a picture of my home address. If anyone wants to know exacts, Ben asked me. Our house is Orange.

So! I had this nice email ready to go, but then last night... I realized it’s not how I felt, or feel at all. Because I honestly don’t feel good or nice. 

I was going to rant, but there is no point. I’m not going to quit, and I know this is where I am supposed to be, but mark my word. Somedays, I feel like I don’t fit in, I’m not learning anything, and I’m better off working and living at home. I wish I could say, every night I go to bed with a smile on my face, but I don’t. 

If I didn’t know, with an unshakeable faith that the Book of Mormon is true, and the Atonement happened. I would not be here. There are days when I feel alone, and if I didn’t have the testimony that Christ is always next to me, I would quit. 

I know my savior lives. Somedays I want to quit, this week, I was furious. I’m not going to be the classic textbook missionary, I’m going to sit right here, and tell you that I have doubts. Yesterday we were eating at a members house, who’s husband was a none member, and they had bottles of whiskey on their shelf and stuff, and Elder Allasia was like in shock, and I laughed. The non-member began talking to me, but not to Elder Allasia. I follow the rules, and teach the doctrine of Christ, but I do not judge someone for smoking, drinking, or doing the stuff NORMAL people do. It’s frustrating that a lot of missionaries do.

Yesterday I talked in Sacrament about the atonement; I got up on the Pulpit, and just smiled. For the firs time the quote, ¨¨When you smile, the world smiles with you, when you frown. You frown alone¨¨ became real because when I smiled, everyone smiled back because they knew I didn’t know jack crap of Spanish. That was probably the highlight of my week. ha-ha

Heres a fact about Peru.
Every taxi and bus I’ve been in the Turn signal has been on the right, and wipers on the left.

Tell me the name of the reindeer off frozen. I forgot

1. Typical Street in my area. Yes that’s a cart on a bike full of bananas. Yes it’s common, ha-ha
2. My best buddy.
3. NO! I’m running out of stuff like crazy! This pen was a trooper.
5. My address
6. Ohh.. The Inca! So good.
7. This book, gives me faith to stay here, when nothing else can. Ether 12, and Alma 13. Preach.

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