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Home! :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

I'd rather eat bugs than do drugs

First! If you do not plan on sending me anything here, you can skip this whole paragraph!

I'm sorry I do this every week, but I want to be very specific the best way to mail stuff is Vanessa Contrer. She comes to Peru every two weeks. She lives in Salt Lake, the packages are six dollars a pound, and letters are nothing. I don't think. It's a lot cheaper than the post office, and a lot easier. She is a member and is hired through the church. My suggestion would be, give your packages to my mother. She will take them up north. Please give her the appropriate amount per pound, and that's all you'll have to do. If you don't want to go to Ferron, no fear! I have nine brothers and sisters who live in Utah! Our house in Price is your next best option. Ask me for the address, and who lives there. Haha. Vanessa also brings letters like I said. Also easier. Just send them to her, not my mom. haha DON'T use the pouch mail system. This is a pain I know, I won't feel bad if I don't get packages, but now you know the process!

Now for the good stuff. A LOT happened this week, so much, but I don't want to type a novel, or be the guy who sends one. SO! two stories..I think I'm going to make it a thing haha.

The first, is funny. So I have this shirt, that says, "I'd rather eat bugs than do drugs" I got it when I was a saint and did community service. (Haha yeah) I was in a different area on splits and for Dinner I got two eggs, bread, and...bugs. Two oversized ant things the size of huge crickets. Fried and crunchy. I accidently bit one... And I've decided... I'd rather do drugs, than eat bugs ever again. haha.

Now..For serious. I won't lie for a second. It's hard to not miss Utah when things are the way they are here. It's hard to not miss my life. And it was affecting me. A lot. To the point my companion sat me down, and told me I was being prideful. Bad. I was putting myself up high, and Peru low. To be short, yeah I could say "I've only been here a month, what do you expect" but I didn't, because he was right.

As I kneeled to pray that night, I asked, "What is keeping me from living it here?" My answer came quickly. Grudges. The long list I have, starting in sixth grade I've yet to forget about. I realized I can't love it here, because I have so many walls blocking my heart.

It's not an over night fix, but since that night I've had the best days mentally. I have two years to bring my heart and soul to complete peace. I've ate bugs, laughing. I wouldn't have done that a month ago. I pray every night to help me lower the walls in my heart, and destroy them. The atonement improves my life everyday. It brings me more peace than I've ever felt in my heart. I know it's real, and true. Have a great week my friends..

Tell me how many 73kg is in pounds. Because that's how much I weigh.
Also, how many temples there are in Utah.

Quote of the week.
"Joy is found in the journey, not in the destination. The journey is where one learns and changes. The destiny is where one reflects the journey and often times wishes to start the journey again."

I hope and pray we can all find joy in all our different journeys.

1. Myspace pic, and a photobomb..haha
2. REUNITED! love my brothers.
3. Yes, I'm still OCD.
4. You go to work without a loaded gun? Because I don't.
5. My brother from Chile. He always hugs me and says, my brother. I love you. In English. It makes me smile
6. I don't always eat bugs. 
7. Noche de Brujas is Night of witches. that's there Halloween, but they don't really do anything here.
8. I'm an artist.
9. Tell me I'm not.
10. Go ahead, say it. haha

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