Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Little things mean a lot.

First.. I am living in La Victoria, the mission home is in La Molina. You know, because I'm sure you all care so much about where I am :)

General Conference.. So here in Peru this weekend was their elections, so we couldn't actually meet to watch conference, because riots and stuff, but I did watch some at a members house, when we were watching, I realized how blessed we are to live in Utah, the conference center, temple square. Oh man... You come to Peru and you'll realize how great Utah is.

After lots of fasting and Prayer, I know God gave me the right Companion, Elder Allasia helps me so much, but doesn't expect me to do everything, so I'm learning a lot, but I'm not ready to kill myself. haha

The longer I am here going to peoples houses, and other missionaries houses, I realize how blessed I am becuase our's is really nice... We have a padio that has an incredible view every night, I'll attach a picture. I have it pretty good.

But! It's not all sunshine and rainbows, the culture is very different, and at times, the mission proves to be very hard. for example... For some unkown reason People here don't believe in, "Inside Voices" and kids are VERY touchy. The other day at lunch we were waiting for our food so we were playing Uno... Same time a member was asking me a question, in you know. Spanish. Her four year old daughter was pulling on my arm, asking me 50 questions in...Spanish, everyone was yelling, and then a missionary started to poke my side because it was my turn....it doesn't sound bad, but I got furious real quick. Later that day, I kid pulled on my tie and messed it up really bad, so i'm down right livid...

That night... We were teaching a less active family, and they got a tablet. Thge mom was asking about family search, and asked if I had done it. I said yes, thinking I did haha... and when i logged on and she saw my whole family, the light in her eyes, I can't explain the feeling.

Then... Another less active family we visited, they have a daughter who is not even a year old, and the mom shows me this necklace they put on their daughter... It was of the temple, and the mom said, this is our goal, for our little girl. Our past three lessons have been about the temple..

Brings me to the statement... Little things mean a lot... I let little things make me furious... Then in the same day, the smallest things, made me want to cry.

My favorite Joseph Smith quote.... "For a man to be great he must not dwell on the small things, but he may enjoy them"

How true it is that small things will make our day good, or bad. It is our choice. Little things mean a lot. I hope and pray, we all enjoy the small things, but when a little kid pulls on your tie and ruins it, we won't dwell on it. As a missionary, you learn things fast. I learned that lesson, fast, but now I have to always remember it.

I love you guys, enjoy the small things of life. Have a good week. Don't get fat like me. :)

1. Fat.....
2. Soccer In peru, that is straight dirt.
3. When you´ve been in the field for a week. You eat a cake. Cheap! Cake 
4. I ate Bambi, and bambi was great.
5. The View I was talking about! Aww.... 
6. My Companion spends a lot of time on the phone.... So I draw.
7. My first Investigator paper I filled out myself! Woohoo!

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