Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

We gotta 5$ fine for whining

Hey guys, I'm uhh... I'm in Peru! haha. I don't even know where to start! This place, is CRAZY. There is so much here, and to see, it's almost too much to explain, but I'll do my best!

First and most important. My trainer and Companion...Elder Allasia..GREAT guy. I guess praying and fasting 90 times really does work! He's been here for 19 months, we always wake up early, and go to bed on time. He really wants to learn English, so of course... I teach him a lot of English slang...Haha yeah it's fun. We're walking dicionaries for each other. He is a man of god, love him to death.

Second! My house and living conditions... Actually are a lot better than I first though, and said... Our house is actually pretty decent. I'll attach some pictures... Our area we have a member cook lunch and dinner for us, and somehow our laundry gets done too... no idea how, but it happens! haha One thing though when you're walking you have to watch for dog crap... it's everywhere, and if you're really unlucky...haha yeah... human crap. people here are wayy wayy nice and humble, I get called Gringo by little kids all the time, and Utah is known as the factory of missionaries.

Third! The food....Ohhh you betcha. The food here is great. I eat rice every meal, and like most people said it's mainly chicken, beef, and sometimes fish, but the soup. I eat soup almost every meal and it's great. we can't eat the food off the street because well our stomach would not be able to handle it, it looks and smells SOO good, but yeah.. It's not the cleanest place on earth haha

fourth! Spanish...haha.....yeah... they talk so fast.... So fast in fact, my bishop in praticular... my mind shuts off and I absolutly can't stay awake.....| think I've got past actually sleeping, but I zone so far out... My mind like shuts off because it has absolutly no idea what is going on. I really can't describe if I didn't have my companion, I would be dead by now. I bear my testimony in lessons, and pray sometimes. Tell people I have a big family, that's about it.

I commited a guy to babtism already! BOOM! haha get some.He'll get babtized in a month, it was actually pretty much all Elder Allasia, I just said the actual invitation, that I read out of PMG.. haha he's poor as dirt. literally. but way nice and humble guy. His name is Marco!

The the buses here, oh my.... praise and thank the lord for the busses and traffic in Utah because here....NAH. So first bus I get on, so packed, and absolutly filthy... I take my first step on the bus, and the driver takes off. If I wasn't absolutly massive :) I would have fallen out. haha It sucked, I was scared. but it's fine. My companion tells me things.

Quote of the week...
I forgot my journal so... let me think...

"The only thing consistent in life is change."
Haha the irony.
Sorry the the spelling erros. This computer doesn't tell me jack.

I love you all... Not many pictures... I can only take them on P day, and well I'm scared to any other place... haha

1. I'm eating these as I type. way good.
2. This is all the study on a daily basis.....
3. Pretty Average breakfast. I don't know what the stuff is, but it's great
4. Our bathroom is tiny, but really not bad.
5. I wear this to bed, because it's pretty cold in the mornings. haha
6. My little area? No say haha
7. My companion! He's shorter than me... haha
8. My bed and room

The rest are just the view from our apartment, we live on the top so it's actually pretty good.

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