Home! :)

Home! :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

You ever wonder who made language, and how?

Sunday night.. Writing my weekly email as usual, feeling pretty inspired. Finished it up and thought it was pretty average. Well.... like most talks I've given, the night before I changed the whole thing.

For doing the same thing everyday, you don't think much would happen, right? Wrong. I always thought if a missionary came here unprepared. I'd be the first one telling him to leave. Turns out... It's one of the hardest things to see them go. One great man in our district left yesterday.. It flat out sucked.. I hope it never happens in the field.

Every day something happens here. Good or bad, hearts change, accidents happen. Friendships are created, or ruined. Everything is so fast, if you stop and think about yourself things go wrong. The hardest thing is to just continue on.

Nevertheless! After seeing pictures of missionaries in Lima, knowing the little Spanish I do. I'm just trying to mentally prepare myself for the hardest few weeks of my life haha. Because I KNOW it'll turn into the BEST time of my life. :)

I'm so grateful for all of you,  for this life that is helping me grow into a person, I would in no wise ever be without it. No doubt though, I'm still Daniel! I say it every week because I'll never be the missionary who comes home and thinks he's high and mighty. I promised too many people they can punch me in the face if I do. haha

I'm ready for Peru, how about you? :) Haha Yeah.

Great day to be alive, great day to be a missionary. Today we sang the U.S. National Anthem for 9/11. We've been learning the Mexico one because their Independence day is coming up pretty soon, but I'll tell ya what! You grown to love America when you're not in it. If that makes since. haha

Te amo hermanos ye hermanas.

Quote of the week. One of my favorites :)
"Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a sacrifice, offer it.
Life is love. Enjoy it."
                                 Sai Baba, an Indian geru.

1. Best packaged cookie I've ever ate.
2. Home away from home :)
3. We made a declaration. Go ahead. Read it.
4. We can't decide if we believe this tree is real. haha
5. I Decorate my room :)
6. Started from the bottom
7. Couple weeks later we're here. Latinos man. Latinos.

8. Our M&M Colony, What country are we missing? :)


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