Home! :)

Home! :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cummins Cummins Cummins Yeah!

This is my last P Day here in the CCM. I'll probably email a couple times before I leave, but this will be the last general one until P Day in Lima!

I got my flight plans yesterday, I'll attach a picture, but I leave the MTC Tuesday night at 7pm. My flight leaves at 11:50 PM and I will arrive in Lima at 5:50 A.M. on Wednesday.

I've thought about what my overall experience here has been. So many high's and lows. Praying, laughing, growing, doubt, questions, and even dead of the night tears once... haha

Overall, the best way I can describe it is the first time I drove a Cummins, and for story sake we'll say it was a six speed. I got in the driver seat, a bit uncomfortable, scared, not sure what to do. I put it in first and nearly killed it.... Like my first week here I nearly killed it. So rough, uncomfortable, and hard on my heart. 2nd great, not better at all. Terrible shift, I now realize diesels are NOT like gassers. Missions are nothing like home. 2nd week, no better than the 1st. I power shift into 3rd and grind the crap out of it. Panicking, I used the clutch, and got it in gear. 3rd week, I got too confident, grinded, and had to use Jesus Christ and his atonement. 4th gear. Things are going fast, it's not perfect, but not horrible. 4th week came fast, not perfect, but I made it through the hard gears/weeks.

I shifted into 5th. being anxious I let the clutch out to fast, and floored it too soon. You could feel the clutch crying. 5th week, I forgot the lord too fast, and relied on myself too soon. I laid on the floor, crying. haha Nonetheless, since Cummins don't die, I finally got a good shift into the easiest sixth gear. Since the Savior will never die, I finally had a smooth 6th and final week.

Going 80 mph I didn't want to slow down, and go through the gears again, and speed back up. But I did. With a smile on my face because all I heard was turbos, and all I saw was soot dumping out of the exhaust.

The next six weeks will be harder than the first six. But I'm going to do it. With a smile on my face because all I'll hear is the gospel, and all I will see are lives changing.

You tell me. Once you stop in your dream vehicle... Do you get out because you feel too inadequate, or do you do it again, and again because that's what you LOVE.

That's my Summary about the MTC. Haha if you don't know trucks or cars I am sorry. I'm nervous to go to Peru, but I am not scared. Doubt not, Fear not. :)

Te Amo Hermanas Y Hermanos.

Quote of the week.
"Love is the greatest of all the words in our language." John Wooden

1. I finally copied my grandpas scriptures onto my own!
2. My idea Journal was the best thing I've brought here.
3. When it rains it pours.
4. We do some mad chillin in the post office.
5. WE WERE SO CLOSE!!! :( This is our room inspection. haha
6. Great group of guys left of this week, this one was a stud.
7. We go HARD in Beach volleyball
8. I can't touch the Hermanas haha
9. You tell me haha


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