Home! :)

Home! :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

This week! I can roll finally kinda roll my R's in Spanish! The struggle is real, but it's getting better. For three weeks in I feel like I'm really behind though... I get there none the less! It's a lot more work than I thought.

Last Sunday. Such a good day. John Tanner. (Father Tanner) look that man up. He is amazing! I learned a lot about him, and prayer. Revelation is real!

My district. Me, Elder Fullmer, and Elder Wallace. We are the three Amigos for sure. I feel like I've known them forever. We're all going to Lima East, along with three more in my district. I'm so excited to go there I can't even explain.

Oh! It was my birthday this week! I loved it! Surprisingly...haha We had a devotional on Tuesday, then we went to the temple today. Sadly, it's getting remodeled so we just went to the visitor center. It was awesome, and the first time I've been outside the MTC. Mexico is crazy! I thought this place was a prison, until I really saw how they drove here and now it's a safe haven! Overall, for being in the MTC I had a great birthday. It is defiantly better than school. I don't want to be anywhere else.

I'm sorry to say it guys, but I'm converted. The lord talked me straight into it. Without a doubt I'm the happiest I've ever been. And I'm a pretty happy guy! :) haha

Still though! I have a good story of doing what I do best! Offending people!... So there I was, at the salad bar getting some tomatoes. Two sisters were across from me, so I said, "Choosing a tomato is like choosing a wife. They're all the same, but what one do you want?" haha they said some hurtful things as they walked away. They didn't like my joke, but I did! haha

Apparently being 19 doesn't make you mature either. Guess we'll have to wait until 20. :) Haha I'm just kidding! Kinda. I love you all.

Quote of the week.
 "Too much sunshine makes a desert, so enjoy the rain"
1. If you can translate these phrases I learn, you will laugh. haha
2. I gave this tie to Elder Wallace, he didn't have a pink one, and, "On Wednesdays we wear pink"
3. I wasn't kidding about the three Amigos.
4. Favorite day, with the favorite tie, next to my favorite guy.
5. Elder Brown and Mcgowen love me.
6. My district made me a cake. Yeah.
7. You bet I ate it.
8. It was Wednesday. And yes my tie is pink!
9. Mi Mama Is Mucho Bueno!
10. This temple....
11. Mactching CTR bracelets.

12. The visitor center was nice.

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