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Home! :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Not going back to the US with dry skin

Yesterday at 8 AM on the dot came 7 investigatores. Before the sacrament 3 more. I thanked each of these faithful 10 people for being there before members and having more faith and dedication than they have. There's nothing I love more than seeing new people in Church. Come in Jeans, short shorts, hung over or high. You'll always get a hug from Elder Smith. I want to be very clear that the lord will never look at your fancy suit and give you more blessings than they guy with a t shirt. The lord looks at the heart. That's where I look too.

We now have 5 people with date and they are ALL going down before I go! I hope.. haha
Silvia, Nahomy, Yasuri, Oliver, Katherin.
4/5 are girls....
So much more faithful than men.

Haha! For those who are serving in the USA don't be offended.
Two weeks ago the 12 apostles had a meeting with all the new mission presidents in the world. They were looking at some graphs and talked about two areas in specific. part of The USA and Ours. 
The average number of baptisms for missonaries in the USA since January until today is 1.5
The average number of baptisms for missionaries in our area is 4.5.
Elder Andersen talked about faith. It is always about our faith. I don't believe money has anything to do with it. everything we do in live depends on our attitude. I have seen that in my mission and life. That is why there is a new temple coming in Lima.

I always thought I would baptize the world if I had an Ipad... Turns out I was wrong! Ya can't beat a paperback book of mormon in spanish.

I love South America, that is all there is to it.
I feel like the most blessed missionary in the world.

Great companion, great area, great missionaries, great missoin president, great way to die.
Hasta el fin!

1. Six of my companions.
2. The future Rocket Scientiest.
3. This was graffited on a church, but I do like it a lot.
4. You ever have a whole ward playing "Basic of fruits"? haha
5. Using internet the best way possible

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