Home! :)

Home! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


This week, some of the greatest things of my mission happend...

So I am in San Gregorio, it is part of the stake Vitarte. I was in another part of Vitarte one year ago but in another ward.... It is like I have served in the Ferron Stake two times, one time I was in Ferron ward, and the other in Millsite. When I was in Portales a year ago my companion and I started to visit a 16 year old girl named Hillary and her 35 year old mom named Nelly. We taught them a lot. Hillary was depressed and when I left the area she was seeing a big change and had a date.......

Later I heard she was baptized, but didn't get invited. Normal.

Last Saturday there was a stake festival dance. And we had like 6 investigatores dancing, so we went to the last part to tell them good job and all that. As I was talking to a few members I heard someone yell my name. I turned and saw HIllary, and Nelly. After one year there they were, the mom and her daughter. Active, and happy in the church. I can't describe how I felt when I saw them and talked them them, but I imagine it is a tiny part of how we will all feel when we return to our Heavely father. After chatting a little bit, Nelly's two other kids, 18 and 9 years old also informed me that they were baptized.

Nelly asked me, "Do you remember how it all started? The first time I talked to you" I reassured her that yes I remember. What will happen to that family I don't know.... But now I can bear solemn testimony that I know, that a missionary can NEVER know how much good he does, and how much fruit will come from one seed.

Yanela then got baptized on Sunday. Her daughter hated the water and cried yelling, "Don't go in mom! Don't go in, Why are you in white! I'm scated!!" After the baptism Yanela walked out of the font, and her daughter had a smile on her face I will never forget, yelling again, "I want to be baptized I want to be baptized!".. Later that 7 year old little angel hugged Elder Andersons leg and said, "This is for baptizing my mom"

If you want to be loved, and learn how to love. Go on a mission.

End of the transfer. I have six weeks more! I am getting a new companion, Elder Moreno. He is from Mexico. We are going to be seeing big things.

1. The small little zone.
2. The victom! Yanela and her now very happy husband Leonel
3. The before.
4. Anything Elder Smith does it's going to be clean.
5. I love it!
6. Happy Fathers day... TO THE GROUND. The monday after... haha
7. 22 months.
8. 2 Months. 
Started from the bottom, now we are ending. I love my brethern

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