Home! :)

Home! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

So there I was...

I've thought about this email a lot this week.. I figured it's pretty important to know what kind of attitude I have for this place.

Honestly, last week I would have been way negative. I was pretty mad and annoyted for being a missionary.. My Companion (Elder Derr (yes it's that easy and fun to say... Is so sheltered! he's watched like two pg13 movies, and even being a pretty good guy. I feel like I'm corrupting him. 

My roommate and district leader... uhh.. yeah. Rich know it all from Holiday Utah who if he could. Would wear a cape around with a big M on it for Mormon. You know the type.

Fortunately, my attitude changed on Sunday. I had a worthiness interview. NOT issue, and i was telling the guy about who i was in high school, the things I have taken care, but i did do. And it made me realize i'm proud of who I am. I remembered the missionary i am, and the one i want to be. I'm not this pretty boy rich Mormon all high and mighty. I'm Daniel! For a couple days I lost sight of who I was. But I didn't! and from there it has been uphill. Elder Derr is awesome. \i'm getting along with him and my district way good. (I'm already the one everyone laughs at( haha.

Of course, im still not a fan of Clawson. The district leader. and he knows that. When he said he likes powerstrokes, that was pretty much the line... haha 

My life is great. The people in it are amazing. I am who i am because of you guys. I couldn't find anyone better. I can confidently say, I have no plans on coming home anytime soon. No offense :)

Change is hard, but ti's good. I'm still me, but I'm growing up more and more. I guess you can call me mature! Haha

My Motto for life,"Mexican bread is awesome" I run in the mornings just so I can eat a ridiculous amount of it. :)

Two things that are out of hand...
The amount of times I hear, "My mom said, did, made ect"
and my thinning hair.... haha

Quote of the week "Acceptance is the key to be, to be truly free"
The one and only Katy Perry!

The Mexico MTC is 90 Acers with about 1000 missionaries. So in Provos face! CCM for life! :)

Next week, I won't talk about me so much.

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